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Building a Training Program

Build your training programIn previous blog post we talked about different elements of developing your training program.  But perhaps we should step back and take a larger view in the development of a training program that is more comprehensive.  There are several steps that you must take to develop a training program that will support companywide training for more than a single project.  These steps include

  • Designing your program
  • Identifying needs
  • Deciding on a training model
  • A training program’s basic outline
  • Evaluating training
  • Elements of a training class.

Program Design

In the section on program design, we will talk about what should be in a training program and what should not.  Not all training programs are identical, some have elements that will not be present others.

Also in this section, we will talk about the best way training should be delivered in a variety of situations.  At times, face-to-face training, sometimes called instructor led training, is the best choice.  For other types of training e-learning, using a learning management system, may be the better choice for the training.  We’ll talk about situations where are each of those would be better or worse for your training situation.

Identifying Needs

Previous training discussions talked about assessing needs.  We’ll just briefly review those posts and talk about how they fit into an overall plan.

Training Models

There are variety of training models available for trainers to choose from.  Depending upon your situation, some models will be better than others.  When we get to this section, we will talk about three or four of the most commonly used training models.  Their strengths and weaknesses and the situations you should consider using each of them.

Training Evaluation

One of the elements of training that often gets overlooked, is the evaluation.  In today’s current business climate of doing more with less, training evaluation can be critical for continued funding of the training program.

Elements of a training program.

When we get to this section of this series of posts, we’ll talk about some of the basic elements commonly found in most training.  Those elements are pre-assignments to training; pretraining assessments; energizers; training tools; and finally post training assessment.

Creating Proposals

Whether you’re an independent consultant developing training or a staff trainer for an organization, there will be times when you need to create a proposal for a training program.  In this section of this series we will talk about common elements in a training proposal.

As we go through this series, please share your experiences developing and running a training program.

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