Designing Your Training Program-Part 1

When you start out to designing your training program, there are a number of things to consider.  This is not about what the content is or what types of training should be delivered, what is the best method to train in your situation. This section is about all of those and none of those.  In this post we will talk about several consideration when developing your training program.  The thoughts here are general in nature so not all will apply to your situation.  If you have other things you have encountered please add to the conversation to help others out.Designing Your Training Program

First consideration: What is my company’s plan for training?

In a perfect world every company would have a plan written down for what they want their training program to accomplish, what the resources are that are dedicated to the end, how they want to achieve their training goals, what/how many personnel will be assigned to the task and they will measure success.  Few of us live in a perfect world. For most of us we have to work within a world of partial and incomplete information. Here are some thoughts to help those living in a world where you have to design a training program. Continue reading

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Building a Training Program

Build your training programIn previous blog post we talked about different elements of developing your training program.  But perhaps we should step back and take a larger view in the development of a training program that is more comprehensive.  There are several steps that you must take to develop a training program that will support companywide training for more than a single project.  These steps include

  • Designing your program
  • Identifying needs
  • Deciding on a training model
  • A training program’s basic outline
  • Evaluating training
  • Elements of a training class.

Program Design

In the section on program design, we will talk about what should be in a training program and what should not.  Not all training programs are identical, some have elements that will not be present others. Continue reading

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How Do You Prepare on The Day of Training

Preparing for TrainingHow you prepare on the day of training really brings out different personality styles. I’m not talking about the way you actually deliver the training but how you get ready for that day.  I am a concrete sequential (if you hadn’t already figured that out yet) which means I tend to make lists, think of training as a step-by-step process, and I happen to be more task oriented than people oriented.  My wife on the other hand is a random abstract which means she is more likely to go with the moment, think of training by the end result, and she is more interested in the people than the specific tasks needed to get there.  To better understand how those to styles work, let me illustrate with the difference in how we prepare for training.  Let’s assume we are both doing the same training in two weeks. Continue reading

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Getting Materials Ready for Training

Last time we talked about Preparing the Space and Equipment.  I touched on how I prepare materials but thought I would go more in-depth with this post.  When preparing materials for a training, I look at three things: preparing materials, organizing for distribution, and backup plans.

Preparing Materials

I like to have someone else look at the materials I am going to use before I copy them.  Copying MaterialsThis “someone” should be a person other than the one who helped you beta test your training.   If they have seen your training already, they bring some expectations and prior knowledge that may prevent them from giving you an accurate picture of your materials.

The person you are looking for in this role may or may not have experience in your training but they should be looking at the completeness of the materials.  Are all the images where they are said to be?  Did you leave out a resource they need to complete the activities.  Their fresh eyes can help you see what you left out and what is repetitive in the materials. Continue reading

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Preparing the Space and Equipment for Training

Preparing for TrainingPreparing for a training event is where the obsessive compulsive really comes out in me.  I like to have things a certain way when I train.  However, I will try to set aside the worst of those habits and give some guidelines that may help smooth your training experience.


When I am developing curriculum, I try to list all the things I need to have available when I train/teach.  I use a form similar to this: Continue reading

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