Why Did You Choose That Training?

Organizations contract or provide training throughout the year either as needed or as part of their strategic plan.  While that is the ideal, too often the reasons or timing for training isn’t that clear.  Unfortunately, when training isn’t properly planned it rarely gives the best experience or return on investment.

Governmental AgenciesChoosing Training

We have been hired on more than one occasion to provide training at the end of a fiscal year.  The problem with this type of training is that it is usually more driven by spending the remaining training budget than satisfying identified needs.  The worst one we were involved in was a training I provided to a federal agency.  The contract was to provide 6 hours of training in one day.  The materials included 3 hours of content pulled from a one day training on basic Excel, 2 hours from a related but different 2-day training on Advanced Excel, and 1 hour from a totally unrelated 2-day training on Access.  The topics for this training came from a survey of their people to see what they needed and wanted. Continue reading

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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Training Is a True Gift – Not a White Elephant.

Like most of you, I have attended business and organization Christmas parties that included a white elephant gift exchange.  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, a white elephant gift exchange is where everyone brings a gift for someone else – often it isn’t even for a specific person.  Frequently gifts distributed by a lottery.  Often there is a dollar limit put on the gifts and it isn’t unusual for a white elephant to be a regifting of something the gifter received but didn’t really want.  What’s not fun about this – right?

White Elephant Gift ExchangeI have trouble with these types of exchanges on several levels.  First, if I am buying a gift for someone, I should take into account who they are and what they like or the gift may not just be unwanted but could end up being an insult.  Second, is it something they will really use?  I spent several years working in the construction industry so a standard gift for me was flannel shirts.  That was great because I usually wore them out and needed new ones next year.  But 10 years after I no Continue reading

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New Ways of Training for New Business Models

Training has undergone many changes in the last 20 years.  For decades, it wasn’t unusual for employees to travel to another city, stay in a hotel, attend two or three days of training, and then returned home.  Employers hoped that they had learned something that would be beneficial to their job along with having a good time while they were away.  You still see that model in conferences and trade shows. online-training Today’s conferences like trainings of yesteryear, tend to be held in somewhat exotic locations with other non-training related activities close at hand.  Places like Orlando, Las Vegas, San Diego have long been centers for training, trade shows and conferences.  I still remember conversations while I was still working for a company about choosing the best place to go to attend training.  The conversation rarely was about cost or accommodations but mostly about other activities available at different sites.

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Cyber Security Training

How much cyber security training are you doing?  Is it even on your radar?  Hardly a month goes by now that we don’t see something in the news about another company being hacked.  And if you believe what the experts say, what we hear about a fraction of what’s actually going on.  So I ask again, “How much cyber security training are you doing?”Cyber Security

There are many threats businesses face.  Malware, phishing attacks, SQL injection.  These are just some of the threats you need to be aware of.  But cyber security experts will tell you that the greatest threat to your business lies between the chair and the keyboard ­– your people.  The only way to reduce that threat is to make sure your staff has been trained in what to look out for and what to totally avoid when working in the digital world.

E-mail Safety

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Death of Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems have been around for years.  They have taken different forms depending upon the hero that they were developed in.  When they were first introduced, educators felt that they may be the answer to individualized education.  However, as technology has advanced many people feel that the learning management system is no longer relevant.  I think however that learning management systems not only are relevant, but will be here for many years to come.

20 years ago, the average person had ever heard of the tablet.  30 years ago, cell phones Learning Management Systemswere just a dream.  40 years ago, personal computers were the fantasy of only a few.  Each of those devices not only is with us today.  What is shaping the society that we live in.  Learning management systems have the potential to do the same.

Colleges have been using learning management systems to promote both online education and blended learning for many years.  Those systems may or may not be what they were 5 or 10 or 15 years ago, Continue reading

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